Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My First Swim Meet

Victory for the Swarthmore women's swim team! (And Obama!)

I was so nervous all day. I wondered if I had slept too little last night (watching the returns come in on the basement lounge couches last night with my hall mates was most certainly worth the loss of several hours of sleep) or if I ate one too many cupcakes at Sharples. Class provided a wonderful distraction. But that last hour, between my Childhood in Latin American Literature seminar and the meet, was the worst.

Luckily, my roommate jumped in and put on a familiar episode of Gilmore Girls. Although watching Lorelai struggle to keep up with all the Yale banter at dinner was a bit painful, it helped me keep my mind off the dreaded meet. 

Meets were always a problem for me in high school. I was on a local club team full of girls two to three years younger than me and about ten times as fast. I received little support from the before, after, and even during my races.

But today was amazingly different. We began and ended the meet with a cheer, and the in between part was filled with joyous and encouraging screams. I think I owe the fact that I went my personal best time by five seconds to the amazing support of my teammates. 

Thank you!

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Cal said...

With all the work you do academically when do you find the time to swim?

I wanted to play soccer for college if I got into Swarthmore, but I was afraid I'd be overloaded. Is it manageable?