Thursday, November 13, 2008

My First Blackout

I am so behind on work and my blog entries. But somehow, knowing that I've got only a few more weeks of pass fail, I've decided that updating here is more important. 

Last Saturday, in the midst of all the usual parties, the lights went out! When the music goes off and you can't see the faces of the people you're talking to, you start to notice how awkward parties really are. But that didn't stop us.

Instead of the usual Saturday night scene (one that I'm already getting a bit bored of because I suck at dancing and prefer small groups), I encountered a new one illuminated by flashlights and emergency generator lights. 

With no music, Swatties made their own. In Paces, a Saturday night dance spot attached to the bell tower, there was an intimate acoustic session, complete with girly songs and hostess brownie bites. When that ended, my friends and I moved to the trailer attached to my dorm and sang some of our favorite songs--American Pie, Wonderwall....basically anything we could remember the words to. Embarrassingly, I could only make it through one verse of American Pie. I must learn the words.

The night ended in my friend's room where we all piled on the floor to talk. At around 1:30 the lights came back on. We greeted them with cringes and shrieks and promptly turned them off, preferring to return to the dark world where we could have our own kind of fun.

In other news: 
I've been picking classes for next semester (Probably one of my favorite aspects of life at Swat. There's so much possibility in an empty schedule grid.) I got into poetry workshop! So that's definitely one of my classes. I'm also going to take Spanish, Latin American History, and English...but I can't decide which English course to take.

I also got my first paycheck! I've decided to put the money towards my possible trip to Ecuador this summer through the Village Education Project.

That's all for now. I've gotta finish my reading for Philosophy and (maybe) watch a bad movie before going to bed.

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