Monday, October 13, 2008

My Frist Break

Initially looking at the Swarthmore calendar, I was a bit confused when I saw that students had a ten day break just six weeks into classes. My dad is a professor at a state university, and their fall break is just one day. Students even have to make up the classes they miss on their day off. So, needless to say, he sees my Fall Break as a luxury, if not a flat out extravagance.

I could fight back, tell him I have a paper to write, a math problem set, and some econ reading (and sleep!) to catch up on. But I would have the same workload in a week even if I had classes, so I shouldn't be complaining. So he's right. I'm free.

What will I do with my week? The first thing that pops into mind is working on my own projects. The deadline for submitting to Small Craft Warnings, one of the literary magazines, is coming up after break, as is the deadline for submitting an application for taking a creative writing seminar. I also want to catch up with my high school friends: visit those who go to local colleges and hold video chat sessions with those whose hectic schedules never mesh with mine.

I also want to look at the leaves, carve a pumpkin, cook a meal with my parents, sleep in a really soft bed.

I'll let you know when all these luxuries wear off, and I start missing school.

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