Friday, October 3, 2008

My First Spec

These past two days I've been seeing my life from an outsiders perspective. 

I hosted a prospective student (we all call them specs) for a night. She ate dinner with the swim team, watched the VP debate in Shane Lounge with some people who live on my hall, and slept cocooned in a sleeping bag atop an air mattress on my floor.

I tried desperately to instill in her those things which I find to be so wonderful about Swat. But I'm still not quite sure exactly what it is that I like, and I have not yet found a way to articulate the things I do like (if I ever did, I would write it here first). 

But trying to explain to her our way of life here (it's best to take two cups at Sharples, the dining hall, because one just doesn't hold enough liquid) was an interesting exercise. Things that I take for granted, like the free New York Times each weekday morning, have already become such a central part of my life that I don't take the time to think that just a short while ago life wasn't like this (I was reading the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a local paper that hardly compares to the NYT in scope).

So this is just to say (to steal a line from William Carlos Williams) THANK YOU SPEC!

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Elena said...

oooh,I didn't know you have a blog. This is awesome!

your SAM

(who is busily procrastinating by reading swat blogs, including "Lauren the Swattie" and "T" instead of doing her seminar reading)