Saturday, September 13, 2008

My First Weekend Away

I'm not at Swarthmore! Eek!

For the first time in three weeks I stepped off the campus and out of the so called Swarthmore "bubble." It was surprisingly easy. I took a train right from campus to Philly, from Philly to New York, and from New York to Poughkeepsie (the home of Vassar College). I felt all independent, foraging for my own meals, exploring unknown locations, and navigating complex systems of underground tunnels.

But I got a little lonely too. One nice man next to me on the train asked me about my Linear Algebra homework and reminisced about how much he hated it as a college student. That didn't quite cut it.

While reading The House on Mango Street, I wanted to read my roommate a selection about Juan (the dream guy we made up late one night), but for the first time, she wasn't there. And yeah, I love seeing my high school friends here at Vassar, but its not the same. Who will play catch with me for three hours while discussing philosophy and Sarah Palin? Why aren't the cafeteria trays here decorated with biology diagrams and impromptu poems? Where are all the beautiful plants?

Even though I have to face another hectic week, I'll be happy to go home.

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