Thursday, September 18, 2008

My First Lullaby

My downstairs neighbor (whom I have yet to meet) has a singing habit. No matter what time of day, no matter how much homework I'm trying to do, his deep tenor voice always floats up through my open window. And despite the beauty of his voice, it gets annoying.

But not tonight. Tonight his song has made me more homesick than I've ever been at Swat. 

As a little girl, whenever I couldn't sleep, my mother and father would come into my room and sing Jame's Taylor's "You've Got a Friend." And when this song comes into my room, I begin to miss my parents, my house, and my bed. It's not that I'm not happy here; it's more that I left my family behind, and they can't go through all these new experiences with me. 

So I run downstairs, knock on his door, and thank him.

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