Sunday, December 14, 2008

My First Reading Week

Classes ended last Tuesday, but I have yet to take an exam or turn in a paper. I've been living in this strange space where very little is specifically required of me, but I know that I will face severe consequences if I don't get stuff done. So I've been combing intense study sessions with Gilmore Girls marathons and hour-long Sharples' dinners.

I owe part of my freedom to a two day "reading week" that lasted from Wednesday to Thursday. But after that ended, I still didn't have any exams. My first exam is tomorrow night at seven. I'm not sure how I feel about an exam at night, but I'll find out soon.

The other part of my nearly complete lack of stress is the knowledge that this is my last week of pass/fail. Next semester I get real grades. Next semester it matters. So for now, I'll focus on those things that are important to me: making lasting friendships, writing my first year seminar paper, and relaxing. The rest of it can take up residence on the back burner.  

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